Wool is worth its value because it simply looks beautiful, longer. Natural wool ages gracefully,continually renewing itself and developing a rich patina as years pass. Wool carpets and rugs remain vibrant to the eye and supple to the touch, delivering high performance over a long duration.

Wool carpets and rugs are fire safe, providing beautiful peace of mind.

Wool absorbs contaminants in the air, improving the indoor air quality and helping you breathe easier.

Studio303s has an extensive library of nylon carpet samples giving you an array of carpet colors, textures and styles to choose from. Featuring Stainmaster and Dupont Tactesse.

Studio303s also carries the exclusive Blueridge Barbara Berry Carpet Collection. Featuring tactesse nylon fibers, giving an incredible soft touch combined with incredible durability.

Twist level

Defines how tightly the fiber is twisted together; examine the individual yarn strands to check the twist level. The tighter, the better.

Face weight

States the number of ounces of yarn found in each square yard of carpet. A heavier face weight has more yarn. Typically, the higher the face weight, the better the carpet.


Defines how tightly indiviual yarn strands are tufted (or twisted) together. The higher the density, the greater the resistance to wear.